Springridge Mennonite Church Pincher Creek AB 
90th Anniversary Homecoming and Reunion 
3:00 June 30 Games, Supper & Program Bring Lawn Chairs
July 1 2018 Worship with 
Jerry Buhler speaking 
- lunch to follow 
 RSVP needed: delwillms@gmail.com 403-627-2741

Springridge Mennonite Church is a place where people get together to worship God, by singing, praying, reading the Bible and encouraging each other.  The congregation provides a caring, supportive community that promotes peace and obedience to Jesus Christ. Springridge is a small yet inclusive church community which includes people of both Mennonite and non-Mennonite culture.   Our church is an active member of 
Mennonite Church Alberta and Mennonite Church Canada.  We are also active in various social and church organizations in Pincher Creek.

Christmas Eve special music by Jessie Buhler, Danika & Tany Warkentin : 'Mary Did You Know' Trio